But there may be Scottish sand and there is Abu Dhabi sand.
There is Seton Sands and, nicely, there is Al Khateem desert – miles off the overwhelmed song and where the vastness and tranquillity are breathtaking.
Tranquil, that is until we arrived.
Our afternoon there was much less splashing and more bashing as we careered our manner up, down and spherical about the magnificent dunes at breakneck speeds.
It becomes bumpy all right and, inside the middle of pronouncing her Hail Marys within the lower back of our 4&4, my terrified spouse Rachel reached for the ill bag.
She gets giddy at the Tea Cups right enough so this becomes no marvel so I left her to it and had a blast.

Dune bashing is the enterprise but in case you tour all that way into the wilderness you might as properly make a night time of it.
The locals here are happy with their Bedouin history and maintain a strong affinity with the wasteland.
Before the oil boom, lifestyles turned into harsh for the Bedouin tribes in what was then the Trucial States.
But the traditions and tradition of life inside the wasteland – from falconry to song and dance – remain intact and we got to sample it all through our wasteland safari excursion.

We got to hang out in conventional Arab get dressed, tucked right into a super buffet dinner and enjoyed the live track, dance and mild display moments after sundown.
Henna tattoos are a huge component, the subculture relationship returned 6,000 years whilst ladies started painting their arms in homage to the Mother Goddess.
They are not permanent and usually wash off after six weeks.
Hennas play a chief role in a bride’s wedding to these days and it’s far said moms of the groom will realize their daughter-in-regulation is a great un if the tattoo is still seen after six weeks.
Rachel’s washed off after 3.
Then there may be the sheesha pipes.
Even if you’re a non-smoker like me, it is still really worth putting your ft up, chilling and sampling this historic Middle Eastern pastime.
Think of 1 of these traumatic vape things spouting from a water-crammed oxygen tank and you are just about there.
The novelty wore off pretty quick to be truthful – two sweet for me – however for round £15 you can smoke your brains out all night if you’re so inclined.
We had arrived in Abu Dhabi 24 hours earlier after three memorable nights in Dubai.

There, we had hung out at the tallest constructing inside the world (Burj Khalifa), had cocktails at a seven-star inn (Burj Al Arab Jumeirah) and survived the well-known, or notorious, Friday Brunch (Atlantis, The Palm).
It became handiest a 90-minute pressure south but Abu Dhabi felt like another world altogether.
A little much less skyscraper, lot’s more desolate tract but equal 5-big name luxury from start to finish.
Our base turned into the stunning Saadiyat Rotana Resorts and Villas, set on 9km of pristine white sand beach.
From the instant our chauffeur-pushed limo – a complimentary transfer from sister hotel, Al Bandar Rotana Dubai – pulled up inside the opulent reception area we knew we had observed our personal little corner of paradise.

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