If there is one element Jersey Shore enthusiasts have come to expect from the franchise through the years, it’s that Ronnie Ortiz-Magro may have drama in his relationships. While Ronnie’s ex Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola did not bring over to Jersey Shore Family Vacation, his tendency to have tumultuous relationships really did. His issues with the mother of his infant Jen Harley has been a chief point of drama all through the revival series’ first seasons, and Season three will be no extraordinary.
That may also look like a difficult announcement to some, given Jersey Shore Family Vacation’s Season 3 premiere eps regarded to reveal the 2 on proper phrases. However, the actual-global headlines that centered on the couple inside the weeks following Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino’s sentencing forecast that matters are headed south between them on Jersey Shore Family Vacation. So what’s presently happening with Ronnie and Jen as all this months-vintage drama is getting dug returned up? According to Ronnie, things are going well:

Things are reputedly desirable among Ronnie and Jen, although the motive why is misplaced within the vagueness of the Jersey Shore Family Vacation superstar’s quote to Us Weekly. We can not presume to realize what Ronnie turned into doing in phrases of “the equal component” or what precisely it was that “other people desired from him,” but it does appear that matters have smoothed over between him and Jen Harley following his latest stint in rehab. Were drugs and alcohol a part of the problem?
Other troubles among Ronnie and Jen had been showcased on Jersey Shore Family Vacation and on social media, and it’s clear that the former’s infidelity has performed an element in a few fights. Violence has additionally played a thing, for you to truly be mentioned in duration throughout Season three as the reality in the back of Ronnie’s black eye may be revealed in an episode. Other incidents that this season may additionally cowl include a fight between the 2 at a nightclub, which resulted in pressed prices.
There’s additionally a danger that Jersey Shore Family Vacation fanatics ought to see some drama that the couple themselves might not be aware is ready to be televised. There’s a history of Shore incidents getting shown that weren’t reputedly common expertise among the 2 of them, which themselves have caused fights. Jen Harley has publicly criticized the series a couple of times for offering a biased view in their non-public drama, and he or she claimed within the past that a whole lot of their issues could be solved if Ronnie ends the show.

With all that being said, Ronnie is claiming that the waves had been calm between the couple, so possibly those are turning over a brand new leaf. That could be an extra twist than, say, Jersey Shore Family Vacation’s unveiling of Mike as a “top” man, so lovers can desire matters stay stable among those although the show loses a bit of drama as an end result.

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