While DAY6 is recognized for producing a number of the maximum coronary heart-tugging opportunity rock songs inside the Korean music industry, the band underneath JYP Entertainment amps up the tempo and show off their fluidity on their new EP, The Book of Us: Gravity.
The new EP functions six new self- written and composed songs by participants Jae, Sungjin and Young K, along with the band’s new unmarried, “Time of Our Life.” The release of Gravity on Monday (July 15) follows information of the organization’s international tour, which kicks off August in Seoul. Making their way around the sector with 31 stops, DAY6 will dedicate the month of September for their stops in the U.S. Starting with a -night show at the PlayStation Theater in New York (September 12 and 13), the band will visit 5 extra towns earlier than concluding in Los Angeles (September 28 and 29).

The quintet, produced from Jae, Sungjin, Young K, Wonpil and Dowoon, made their debut beneath JYP Entertainment in 2015 with their EP, The Day. Though they may now not be your normal dancing K-pop idol institution, every member of the band performs a vital position in weaving their instrumental capabilities and vocals.
Below, Jae and Young K discuss the alternate in tempo on their new album, their track technique, favorite anime, and their upcoming tour.
You’re returned with new music and also you’re about to embark to your largest excursion up to now. Has the feeling settled in?
Jae: We’re excited due to the fact this album’s a touch different. We’ve got loads of idea contributions; everything that we’ve skilled, we experience, we share, we see is a form of portrayed in our track whether or not we find it irresistible or no longer and I think that’s an awesome element as it’s appropriate, to be honest. But as for our upcoming global excursion, we are outstanding excited due to the fact we get to look at everybody again
There are more cities than there had been earlier than. Which are you most excited to go to?
Jae: One, specifically for Wonpil, is Milan. He’s always wanted to go to Italy and his favorite football team in Italy is AC Milan. In widespread we’re usually excited due to the fact new places deliver our new reviews, which offers us honestly excellent recollections as well as new reviews that we can place returned into our tune. Anywhere period is usually exceptional for us.
You’re new unmarried, “Time of Our Lives,” has a trade-in tempo as compared for your beyond releases. What caused this change?
Jae: It wasn’t so much that we sat down and decided, “Guys, we need to trade the pace,” but I wager, particularly all through our last global tour, we felt like there has been a necessity for extra concert-geared music, what I imply? There are a variety of songs in which anyone is leaping and all and sundry is having a real accurate time. We wanted on the way to absolutely tap in and connect with the target market, our enthusiasts and the folks that come to look at our indicates a touch bit extra. For example, inside the center of the music if there’s a clap phase all and sundry can clap alongside. I wager, with that during thoughts, we started out on the brand new album and a variety of concert-orientated track came out. Therefore, our identify song simply became the BPM that it is. I don’t think it necessarily turned into like… We said, “We want to make it quicker.” We make what we adore to make.
I read it as a track of desire and my concept it embodies the sound of a person who’s approximate to embark on a new chapter of their lives, which comes throughout even more definitely while you read the lyrics. It made me consider it as an OST for your lives as a band. Which brings me to my subsequent question: What is your favored anime?
Young K: For me, it’s absolutely One Piece; I’ve been looking it on account that I became very young. Recently, I commenced re-looking it from Episode 1 up till the most recent episode, which took me like 3 months. I watch it all of the time
Jae: For me, it’s Your Lie in April. Not because it’s music-oriented, however, it’s, in reality, my favorite. I don’t watch anime, I study manga and it sincerely incorporates the saddest pages of manga I’ve ever visible.

You are typically worried about producing and writing your music; are you able to walk me thru your musical system?
Young K: It differs from song to track. Sometimes it can take place from a guitar riff or bass riff or a lyric concept. Sometimes I come up with a melody, however maximum of the time we provide you with a piece of music first and then all and sundry receives together and we just sing along as though it’s a music that we already recognize. Then we examine every melody to each different’s and we choose the exceptional one. We then write down the lyrics and file.
Is there an example wherein you men just hum it first and also you’re like, “Oh this could be a something!”?
Young K: Sometimes we do that, however, maximum of the time we just provide you with a song and whilst the guitar instrumental is playing each person just write down the melody.
Jae: I experience like that’s how a whole lot of tune creators in Western regions like North America make music nowadays. They take a track, sing over it and sing over it again then reduce out pieces and blend and suit to make a great tune. We have four participants that each one does that, so it’s a little bit easier for us I assume.
Young K, because you write lots of the songs, what conjures up you? Do you’re taking have an effect on from films or actual lifestyles activities?
Young K: I bet the reports that I had after I was living in Canada helped me lots. I used to stay by myself, faraway from my parents, so I was given to stay a totally loose lifestyles. Those stories helped me lots, however, at one point I got caught with author’s block. I wanted suggestion from everywhere at that point so each day conversations and every so often films. Movies have encouraged 3 or 4 songs. There’s the tune “Man in a Movie” which was inspired through the film Me Before You.
Is there all and sundry who you’d love to jot down a tune for?
Young K: I’ve continually desired to jot down a song about my father and dedicate it to him. But I’ve usually been afraid to, I sense like I need to realize greater approximately existence that allows you to sing approximately him. I continually sense like I’m too younger. For instance, in this album there’s a song referred to as “Cover” We got here up with the song first and once I changed into writing with Sungjin he wanted to write down about our fathers, but I stated, “No, now not but. Let’s communicate about something else.” So as a substitute we mentioned masking ourselves up. And for an artist perhaps I would really like to put in writing for … I’ve in no way thought of it. Jae as a solo artist, that’s my answer! Maybe all the DAY6 contributors as solo artists!

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