Take a have a look at desert wildlife from 2 to three p.M. Wednesday, July 17 at Glendale’s Velma Teague Branch Library, 7010 N. 58th Ave.
Litchfield Park’s Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium & Safari Park visit to exhibit Arizona critters, consisting of a rock squirrel, striped skunk, bull snake and greater for children of every age to look those animals up near and find out about how they’ve tailored to their barren region houses.

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1. Protect yourself from the damaging rays of the solar.
Never, ever go away your lodge room without sunblock. Though you’ll be in an air-conditioned car for most of wasteland safari tour, it is nevertheless feasible to get ugly sunburns. Besides, you can not face up to go out of the auto and take a photograph of the sand dunes.
But apart from sunblock, make certain that you have your sun shades on. And if it’s no longer too much of a problem, get something to cover your face for introduced protection towards dirt and sand.
2. Bring a digital camera with you.
If you believe you studied that sand dunes are hot, barren locations, wait till you get to the desert. The view will take your breath away, and you can not withstand to pause and take a photo. So make certain that your camera is completely charged and that you have extra batteries.
Three. Share the enjoy with your family.
Every happy reminiscence is first-rate shared with a person you maintain expensive to your coronary heart. It can be a partner, your family, or a friend. There is some thing approximately the Dubai desert that brings you and your loved ones nearer.
4. Take some thing to drink.
Because of the high temperature within the wilderness, it is easy to move thirsty. Even if the journey lasts only 20 mins, it is smart to have something to drink with you. Water is the quality, but you may take different liquids and beverages.
5. Go on a desert safari experience in time for sundown.
The sundown inside the Dubai wasteland is just as breathtaking as the sand dunes. So plan your ride and make sure which you arrive inside the desolate tract around sundown. If you want, you can take a camel trek. That way, the revel will be an awful lot more memorable.
Waqqas Alvi is a journey lover and sports enthusiast. He writes approximately journeying and manages wilderness safari in Dubai as a wilderness tour operator. The best way to venture into the Thar Desert on a camel’s back but if you are not comfortable with that then you can go for a jeep safari in the desert. But whatever way you choose adventure is very much a part of the journey. In Rajasthan the famous destination for desert safari is Jaisalmer.
Jaisalmer is an enchanting city which attracts many tourists from all over the world. Its most captivating attraction of safari. Apart from this, it is known for majestically carved havelis and Jaisalmer Fort. The rustic charm of Rajasthan can be best experienced here. To make the holidays of tourists memorable and adventurous camps are organized on the sand dunes. Stay in the camps under the star-studded sky, treat your eyes with traditional dance performances and experience the lifestyle of nomads on this tour.
On this safari enjoy the traditional cuisine of Rajasthan and participate in the cultural programs organized for your entertainment. The sights of sand dunes stretching for miles and changing shapes under the influence of wind will surely leave you enchanted.
The Sam Sand Dunes of Jaisalmer is the most famous spot for those who wish to see the overwhelming beauty. Visit it in the evening and you will be greeted with a breathtaking sunset view which you will cherish for long. As the evening falls the sand-dunes look orange in color in the rays of the sun.


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