Why Waves of Seaweed Have Been Smothering Caribbean Beaches

In 2018, as seaweed piled up on seashores during the Caribbean, it started to rot. Already stinking and sulfurous, the thick layers started to attract insects and repel vacationers. The seaweed—a sort of brown algae referred to as sargassum—had grown within the ocean and washed ashore in unheard-of portions. It prevented fishers from stepping into […]

‘All bets are off’: Toxic algae bloom shutters Mississippi beaches, causes fear in Alabama

While a poisonous algae bloom close down water get right of entry to coastal Mississippi’s seashores for the foreseeable destiny, there are not any plans to do the identical in Alabama. But so many unknowns exist about the trek of the sticking out slime, including the path the explosive bloom could take as soon as […]

Rare sea turtles spoil nesting information in Georgia, Carolinas

Rare sea turtles are smashing nesting data this summer season on beaches within the Southeast, with scientists crediting the egg-laying boom to conservation measures that began greater than 30 years in the past. Giant loggerhead sea turtles weighing up to 300 pounds (136 kilograms) move slowly ashore to dig nests within the sand every summer […]

Thousands petition Jacksonville Beach City for safer sea turtle conditions

Nearly seventy-nine,000 people have signed the “Save Jax Beach Baby Sea Turtles” petition to this point. It is looking at the City of Jacksonville Beach to exchange its lights ordinance to higher guard sea turtle nests. There are about 80 pronounced sea turtle nests in local beaches, in line with Beaches Sea Turtle Patrol. More […]

113 beaches of the 118 beaches in the Dubrovnik – Neretva County pass sea water nice check with flying shades

Jump on within the Adriatic Sea in Dubrovnik is easy and warm. The fourth normal testing of the ocean water pleasant of the 118 seashores within the Dubrovnik – Neretva County become executed between the first of July and the 11th of July by the Public Health Institute of the County. The first-rate of the […]

Emerald Isle Sea Turtle Patrol urges beach goers to be respectful around nests

Volunteers along the coast are reminding traffic to be respectful of sea turtles as North Carolina is in the center of sea turtle nesting season and heading in the right direction to have a document breaking number of nests on our seashores. A stroll at the seaside is clearly tons more for the devoted volunteers […]

Don’t panic: Sea lice are common at Mid-Atlantic beaches

Earlier this week, a few swimmers in Virginia Beach felt the sting and itching sensation of being bitten by using sea lice. The term “sea louse” doesn’t describe a single species, however, is truely an own family of tiny, translucent crustaceans — locally, they’re regularly blue crab larvae or jellyfish larvae — however many own […]